Alice Groves is a freelance Filmmaker who specialises in the area of Producing and Directing here you will find her past and future projects that she has worked on... and more.

  • Concept Art

    Last Leg

    Based on the true story of a young Afro-Caribbean girl growing up in Britain during the 1980’s. Last Leg explores the life of 15 year old Reyna, living with an abusive father as she struggles to pursue her …

  • Social Zombies

    *sneezes* No one says bless you… “She was the love of his life…” “Did he say that ?!” I know this extract from their life because I’m being a Londoner. Stare ahead, look at shoes, …

  • 1116029_155912341281579_1316568613_o


    David has just been released from prison to do his countries service of joining the army inside the cold and lonely trenches. The story follows David around the trench reaching different soldiers to speak to …

  • Quiet Screams

    A film crew is shooting a low budget horror movie in an abandoned old factory. Shooting is cut short by the appearance of a little girl who, far from being an extra on the film …

  • logo-alt

    Fiona Hall – P3 Charity

    To whom it may concern, I and my staff team had the pleasure of working with Alice on a short film project for our organisation. Alice is a very enthusiastic, hard working, creative and motivated …

  • Dr Garth Twa

    Dr Garth Twa

    I could write a reference for Alice Groves in one simple sentence: Alice is the best student I have ever taught.  I write this as someone who has headed creative writing department at an arts …

  • IMG_0159

    Time Is Precious

    Some children long for everything they see in a toy shop, but all Jack longs for is some attention from his mother. Shot with: Canon 700D – 20mm, 50mm and 85mm primes Edited with: FCP …