Quiet Screams

A film crew is shooting a low budget horror movie in an abandoned old factory. Shooting is cut short by the appearance of a little girl who, far from being an extra on the film or the hallucination of recreating grips, proves to be something far more dangerous.

  • Lacey Groves and Francais Fabbrini (Script Supervisor) bonding on set.
  • Location Recce Image
  • Location Recce Image
  • Location Recce Image
  • No pigeons were hurt while making this film... but we don't know what happened to this pigeon. He's been hanging there for a while.
  • This pigeon seems to have been here for a while also.
  • Location Recce Image
  • Artistic Location Recce Image
  • Another Location Recce Image
  • While looking through the abandoned factory for cool locations to film. Alice walked into this room and pigeons flew straight at her... definitely wasn't a "Quiet Scream" from her.
  • Looking like another artistic Location Recce Image
  • The abandoned factory had heaps of gems like this dotted around the place.
  • Daniel Olkhovski and Junior
  • Junior making a bloody mess on set.
  • Fabio embracing his wounds on set.
  • Who let Fabio loose with the prop axe?!
  • Bro's that die together, stick together.
  • Calm Crew.
(Fabio Feliciano, Kiera Gray-SFX, Lacey Groves, Alice Groves-Director, Daniel Olkhovski-DOP, Abdi Jama-Runner, Junior Kiswamu, Matthew Swan, Adam Hurley-Sound Guy, Francais Fabbrini-Script Supervisor, Sulaiman Alsakran.
  • Crazy Crew.
(Always professional when Alice is the Director)
  • Fabio being artsy on set with his new wound.
  • Special thanks to Kiera for the amazing SFX Make up she done for 'Quiet Screams'
  • Fabio Feliciano and our Co-Producer Garth Twa
  • SFX Make-up
  • Our Director of Photography getting involved with the sfx makeup.

Alice Groves

Daniel Olkhovski

Sound Design
Adam Hurley

Script Supervisor
Français Fabbrini

SFX Make-Up
Kiera Gray


The little Girl
Lacey Groves

Kylie May Sita

Matthew Swan

Junior Kiswamu

Fabio Marcelo Feliciano

Mysterious Man
Sulaiman Alsakran

A special thanks to

Abdi Jama

Garth Twa

Zoe Groves

PressPlay UK

The Old Vinyl Factory

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