Social Zombies

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No one says bless you…

“She was the love of his life…”

“Did he say that ?!”

I know this extract from their life because I’m being a Londoner.

Stare ahead, look at shoes, anything to act like I’m not listening to them, but in all honesty… I’m listening to everything, because the sad pitiful truth tis you are currently my only entertainment on here, not for long I’m sure, the trains weirdo is bound to come on at some point. Oh and there, they got off, my current, not so current anymore, entertainment has exited the met train.

What am I to do now, I was counting on them to get me through a bit longer of this journey. I’m now stuck here writing this. I bet I look odd. Eighteen year old writing on a ‘into Uxbridge’ pad. What teen… or any human as a matter of fact who is “down” with technology, not being a typical ‘Social Zombie’ on their mobile, wait, scratch that… smart phone!

But yeah, what am I suppose to do now. Which trick do I use? Pretend to be asleep, fall asleep pretending to be asleep. Scan around for interesting faces and quickly look away once someone else catches my eye, while doing the exact same thing.

*This is Wembley Park*

Oh and I’ve found ya, old fellow with the snow, wiry yet soft looking hair. I bet he hasn’t come from work. It’s… ahh, don’t know the time, phones still dead, see, I’m usually a ‘Social Zombie’ with my smart phone, but unfortunately not today. I have to face this journey head on using the well known, not spoken about Londoners top how many there is tips and rules to survive a train journey.

Right back to where I was, I bet he hasn’t come (Fucking hell! annoying bastard making weird noises with his mouth, I do not want to hear whats going on in your mouth, wannabe thug fool! Sounds like you are slurping on a bell end! And that’s the bitter truth of the situation, people who make noises like you is why I went to bloody CBT.) … I bet he hasn’t come straight from work, I left uni at eight about an hour ago, so I’m assuming it is nine now. So he must be just being a cute elderly man, still dressing old fashion gentleman style with his tucked in white pristine shirt with your royal red tie perfectly draping off your collar with a golden half diamond pattern on it. Dare I miss out on the school grey trousers that hang just high enough for me to see your warm, meant for home, christmas style socks with your run of the miss brown cloggy perfect for all weather leather shoes.

This old fellow, lets call him Jimmy, Jimmy has really captivated me, thank you Jimmy for being my current train entertainment, I’ve only got four more stops till I’m at my final destination, to hop in my car for the next part of my commute home, please stay on for my own selfish reasons, to Ickenham. It’s simply his face, the wrinkles and folds in his skin must be protecting a life time’s worth of fascinating stories far more interesting than mine. Lets face it, he is from the era before technology took over, he had to throw himself out there in the wicked world… and live it!

I love the fact that he doesn’t follow the train rules and not interact or silently observe people. His eyes are hidden behind his withered bags, that I will soon have if I don’t get more sleep! He watches everyone, like right now! A man has just stepped on the train and walked up to a woman, who I can only believe is his girlfriend, and gave her a loving kiss on her forehead and sat by her. Jimmy here, watched that situation play out. It brought a beautiful smile, maybe a smirk would describe it with justice, as if he’s felt that before, true love, from a past partner. It truly did set him in a state of reminiscence. It was beautiful to witness.

*The next station is Ickenham*

Well this is my stop. So thank you to the loud obnoxious girls, for I guess you could excuse it as entertainment or gossip. But who I truly thank is Jimmy, who i’ll probably never get to meet again. But Jimmy you got me through this long endeavour. I feel like I really got to know you by creepily staring and scribbling down in my ‘into Uxbridge’ notebook. Well maybe thank you is the wrong thing to say, but rather… sorry? Sorry Jimmy for possibly creeping the christmas socks off you! But it did help me through my Journey.

Goodbye :)


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