Concept Art

Last Leg

Based on the true story of a young Afro-Caribbean girl growing up in Britain during the 1980’s. Last Leg explores the life of 15 year old Reyna, living with an abusive father as she struggles to pursue her passion in swimming. She is training to win first place but with a father who controls the world around her, the goal to win is tested.

Not only is there a lack of representation of black women such as ‘Reyna’ but also a stigma has been attached by the media to those who have been physically abused.


Date of release: TBC

  • Concept Art

Director – Ella Bennett

Writer – Jake Bryson & Ella Bennett

Producer – Siona Davis

Production Manager – Alice Groves

Lasharne Anderson - Reyna

Ruel Rowe - Clinton

Laura Robins - Becky

Luke King – Jerome

Dylan Murphy (Swimmer)

Amelia John (Swimmer)

Edgar Haruns (Swimmer)

Michael Hogsden (Swimmer)

Ryan Tran (Swimmer)

Zivile Dirmeikyte (Swimmer)

Liam Barry (Swimmer)

Joe Thompson (Swimmer)

Natasha Morgan – swimmer

Mary Cha (Crowd)

Justified Prince – crowd

Harriet Mauahaw (crowd)

Kyomi Richards (Crowd)

Sibel Kuley - Crowd

Ingrida manune - crowd

Lucy Granger – Crowd

Jake Godden - Crowd

Jill Cherry – Godden - Crowd

Mark Godden - Crowd

Khoi Vu - Crowd

Jack Wild - Crowd

Aaron Rogers – Director of Photography

Production designer and Art director – Laura Manners

Assistant Art Director - Idris Rhys

Offline Editor - Mdhamiri A Nkemi

Music Composer –

Casting Director – Ella Bennett & Siona Davis

First Assistant Director - Sarah Pearn

Second Assistant Director - Callum Pearson

Gaffer - Peter Bishop

Best Boy - Toby Leary

Spark - Mahalia John

Spark - Liam Morgan

Underwater Camera Operator - Chris Broomfield

Focus Puller –Yannick Hausler

2nd AC/Loader – Arran Green

2nd AC/Loader - Jason Henwood

Sound Recordist - Tom Beddis

Boom Operator - Elliott Baker

Set Dresser - Charlotte Birkett

Set Dresser - Felix Ursell

Set Dresser - Titus Barker

DIT - Jonathan Stuart Roebuck

Runner - Rob Groves

Runner - Tierney Memaster

Runner - George Welland

Behind The Scenes Videographer - Marcus Albertsen

Behind The Scenes Videographer – Akhil Kanukuntla

Behind The Scenes Videographer - George Welland

Behind The Scenes Photographer - Bethany Jeffries

Behind The Scenes Photographer - Jessica Kelly

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